Ceiling Spot Movinghead with Prism

Ceiling Spot Movinghead with Prism

SKU: M71

Model: CL Ceiling spot


Voltage : AC100-240V,50/60HZ

External power supply: Adaptor DC24V3.5A

Power 52 W

LED : Super Bright 40W spot and 6x10w RGBW wash

Movement: Pan 360 degree /Tilt 180degree

Prism: 3 fact rotation 

Gobo: 7 gobo + white

Color:  6 colour + white

DMX Channel: 15Ch

Dimmer: 0~100%

Weight : 2.7kg

Size : 210x210x300mm

Seeing to believe it. 2 in 1 compact  and powerful Led moving head spot with 7gobo effects and packed with wash function, giving you the glow effect when both are put to use. Strobing wash effect from the wash give the gobo another reality effects. Easy mounting on the ceiling with a quick access ring holder.