15R Follow On Spot

15R Follow On Spot

SKU: S36

3 types of Fix angles 19 : 26 :36 Degrees

Power Supply: AC90-260V, 50/60Hz 

Power Consumption: 150W/200W LED 200Watts COB 

LED Color Temperature:  3200K 

LED Average Lifespan:  100,000hrs 

Voltage : 220V-240V 50/60Hz

Power : Powercon connection

Lamp : High Power 15R 330W Lamp 1500hrs

Control:   5 individual fader  

Dimmer (Linear)




Color Temp correction 3200-6500K

6 Preset of colours include white by touch of buttons

Display: LED display of fader values

lamp on /off 

Lamp Sw: White button for lamp OFF 

Red button for lamp ON 

Include: 4side handle and 1 back handle for easy movement of follow-spot

Heavy duty stand for strong support of light

Heavy duty Flightcase 

Weight: 26Kg (body)

                   6Kg (stand)

Dimension: 918x348x314mm

Flightcase: 1022x580x490mm