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2.5W RGB Laser


Laser : A4000RGB+

           : A3000RGB+


Scanner: 40kpps High Speed Optical Scanner 30º

Graphics & Effect: 128 animated & Effect Built-in

Control Mode: Sound /Auto/ DMX /ILDA Programming 

Power : 110v/220V

Laser output : 1000mw Red (635 nM)

              : 1000mw Green (532nM)

              : 2000mw Blue (450nM)

Size: 580 by 730 by 150 mm


Safety features : 

Powerful entertainment laser by Clair Lighting with all safety features including safe key on/off switch and sealed laser diode in completely sealed heat sinking casing. High powered fans are  attach to cool the external heatsinks.

2.5W Laser.jpg
2.5W Laser 3.jpg
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